A national petition to have modify the provisions of article 12 (3c) of the Act Employment Insurance, unchanged since 1971, which provides a maximum of fifteen [15] weeks of benefits payable in case of illness, in order to be adapted to today’s reality.

In Canada, it does touch all of us, directly or a close one, not matter province, religion, color and politic allegiances.

Contribute to a better future, our future…
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Marie-Hélène Dubé

Radio-Canada’s Tout le monde en parle, April 18, 2010

15 June 20111:13 pm | Marie-Hélène Dubé | No Comments

Hello everyone! After tabling my petition earlier this week in Ottawa, I am pleased to announce that I will appear on Tout le monde en parle, this Sunday, April 18, 2010, at 8:00 p.m.! It goes without saying that I am delighted by this invitation. It reflects the popularity of my petition and the seriousness given to it.  The show is an excellent opportunity to get the word out to people about my petition and get them involved.

On the Road to Victory! Already over 125,000 Signatures!

15 June 20111:12 pm | Marie-Hélène Dubé | No Comments

Hello everyone!! I first want to say a big thank you for your support following my appearance on Tout le monde en parle! Already in the days following the program, signatures started arriving by the boxload! I even needed help in the first few weeks getting it all into my car. Can you imagine! I’ve already gathered 125,000 signatures!! I still have many more boxes of mail to open, and the signatures are pouring in! My great thanks to you—–keep up the good work! Your signatures have substantial political influence, and by joining forces we can convince the government to make changes now to this ...

Phase 2 presented in the Senate, for a total of 300,000 signatures!

15 June 20111:11 pm | Marie-Hélène Dubé | No Comments

Hello everyone, I was proud and thrilled to announce today, at the Senate doors, that an additional 237,303 people have signed my petition asking the government to amend the Employment Insurance Act to increase the number weeks of benefits for people with serious illnesses. This latest presentation of signatures increases the number of Canadians who support my efforts to 300,069. Senator Claude Carignan, on behalf of the petitioners and myself, presented the new signatures in the Senate Chamber today, Tuesday, June 29. The current law on employment insurance offers only 15 weeks of benefits for illness, and it has ...

Aiming for 500,000 signatures!

15 June 20111:11 pm | Marie-Hélène Dubé | No Comments

Hello everyone! Fall is already upon us after a magnificent summer. The fall can also be a letdown, though, since it also means vacation time is over. On the other hand, September also brings the resumption of Parliament, to my delight! I still marvel at Canadians’ unrelenting interest in my petition. The signatures have continued to come in steadily since I last presented the petition and throughout the summer; it’s terrific. I can now announce that we have already passed the 400,000 signature mark, and it’s not over yet. That’s why I’m setting a new goal: why not 500,000? I’m sure that we can get there together. Have a look at the new photo that ran with this ...

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Marie-Hélène is this Quebec woman, who has after experiencing her third thyroid cancer recurrence, decided to initiate a petition to change a 40 years old law (1971) (www.petitionassuranceemploi.com). Indeed, according to existing by laws article 12(3) on Employment Insurance (EI), any person confronted with a catastrophic disease can only received 15 weeks of coverage.

Zosia Ettenberg from Vancouver is joining her voice to the Employment Insurance Petition after having initiated a similar petition herself. A certain Carlo Pellizzari http://news.ca.msn.com/top-stories/cancer-patients-lose-ei-during-treatment-1 from Vancouver is facing blood cancer called anaplastic large cell lymphoma, experiencing a similar financial challenge as Marie-Helene Dube. At 26 years, He is forcing to move back with his parents… 15 weeks; it is not enough any more in 2011. Please sign the petition for a better future, our future. Help these people to bridge over this period of their life in order to concentrate on their health, to keep their dignity and to become an active citizen again.