A national petition to have modify the provisions of article 12 (3c) of the Act Employment Insurance, unchanged since 1971, which provides a maximum of fifteen [15] weeks of benefits payable in case of illness, in order to be adapted to today’s reality.

In Canada, it does touch all of us, directly or a close one, not matter province, religion, color and politic allegiances.

Contribute to a better future, our future…
Please, sign the petition.
Thank you!             

Marie-Hélène Dubé

Deposit of the first bill of the opening of parliament of 2011-2012

08 November 20111:56 pm | Marie-Hélène Dubé | No Comments

 Good day all,

As you can see, having a law modified is a long and tedious job! I am very happy to know that efforts are still going on and it is with great joy that I welcome the first 2011 bill to amend the number of benefit weeks in case of illness

Here is an extract of the press release

Here is an excerpt from the press release issued by the CNW Telbec firm:

The Honorable Denis Coderre, MP for Bourassa, today introduced in the House of Commons a Private Members' Bill to extend from 15 weeks to 50 weeks the maximum period for which special benefits for illness, injury or quarantine may be paid. It also eliminates the two-week waiting period when special benefits for illness, injury or quarantine are paid.

"This enactment amends the part of the Employment Insurance Act that deals with Special benefits ...

Goodbye Mister Layton, we will miss you !

22 August 20116:30 pm | Marie-Hélène Dubé | No Comments

Hello everyone,

As most of you, it is with great sadness that I learned about Jack Layton’s death this morning. I thought to myself 61 years old is far too young to go and leave so many people and unfinished projects behind. I consider myself fortunate to have had the privilege to meet this great man and to have had the chance to exchange ideas with him. I had mentioned at the time that our meeting was marked with his authenticity, his extraordinary presence but mostly great simplicity. I was in Parliament for a press conference announcing the tabling of Bill C-51 by the NDP. This project was to change the Law on Employment Insurance to extend to 52 weeks the federal health coverage in the event of serious illness. This project will be renewed this fall. I remember we had passed by his office ...

75000 more signatures presented to end parliamentary session in beauty !

22 June 20112:45 pm | Marie-Hélène Dubé | No Comments

Hello everyone!

It is a great pleasure for me to report that M.P. Denis Coderre presented
the House of Commons with 75 000 new signatures this morning. With these,
our petitions totals close to half a million supporters.

I take this opportunity to thank all those who put in their time and effort
to support this cause that is not only mine but every Canadian’s. It is true
that the number of signatures is already very important, but it is important
to keep on going and gather more still. It is through these significant
petition presentations that we can hope to reach and convince our elected
government of the importance and pertinence of these changes that we demand.
  The petition is still in effect and will keep on going as long as will be
necessary. A lot of signature gathering ...

Your stories

15 June 20111:14 pm | Marie-Hélène Dubé | No Comments

Further to the media coverage of my efforts, many of you have expressed your support and shared your stories of a similar situation. Your experiences bring out the human face behind cold medical facts. I read each one of your stories with rapt attention and was always moved by your generosity and candour. So many of you have shared your experiences now that I can no longer respond to each of you personally. Your courage is impressive and it has deepened my resolve to achieve my objective. In view of this groundswell of solidarity, I would like you to continue sharing your stories so that other people can hear them as well. ...

Teamsters Canada lends its support!

15 June 20111:13 pm | Marie-Hélène Dubé | No Comments

Hello, I am proud to say that Teamsters Canada has announced its support of my efforts to bring changes to the Employment Insurance Act. The Teamsters union has 125,000 members in Canada in all trades. That is a lot of people, which means that we can expect a lot of new signatures from all provinces!  The Chair of the Teamsters Quebec Women’s Caucus, Brigitte Sottile, stated, “Our union is committed to supporting this very important cause since more and more Canadians are being affected by serious ...


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Marie-Hélène is this Quebec woman, who has after experiencing her third thyroid cancer recurrence, decided to initiate a petition to change a 40 years old law (1971) (www.petitionassuranceemploi.com). Indeed, according to existing by laws article 12(3) on Employment Insurance (EI), any person confronted with a catastrophic disease can only received 15 weeks of coverage.

Zosia Ettenberg from Vancouver is joining her voice to the Employment Insurance Petition after having initiated a similar petition herself. A certain Carlo Pellizzari http://news.ca.msn.com/top-stories/cancer-patients-lose-ei-during-treatment-1 from Vancouver is facing blood cancer called anaplastic large cell lymphoma, experiencing a similar financial challenge as Marie-Helene Dube. At 26 years, He is forcing to move back with his parents… 15 weeks; it is not enough any more in 2011. Please sign the petition for a better future, our future. Help these people to bridge over this period of their life in order to concentrate on their health, to keep their dignity and to become an active citizen again.