A national petition to have modify the provisions of article 12 (3c) of the Act Employment Insurance, unchanged since 1971, which provides a maximum of fifteen [15] weeks of benefits payable in case of illness, in order to be adapted to today’s reality.

In Canada, it does touch all of us, directly or a close one, not matter province, religion, color and politic allegiances.

Contribute to a better future, our future…
Please, sign the petition.
Thank you!             

Marie-Hélène Dubé

Happy holidays and can’t wait for 2015!

17 March 20149:46 am | Marie-Hélène Dubé | No Comments

Good day to all!

With the holidays approaching, I want to wish you magnificent moments of joy!  Enjoy these precious moments with your families and stock up on happy memories.

For me, the petition continues. And yes, it is a very long process, but it is never simple to have a federal legislation modified.

Many people tell me it’s unbelievable that an obsolete law has still not been modified after over 600000 signatures.  I agree!  However, 2015 will be a privileged moment to put even more pressure on our elected, because we are getting close to the elections very quickly. This is why it is essential to collect more and more signatures. This will allow mw to establish a effective political strategy at the appropriate moment.  The social situation of people with serious illness that have to rely on unemployment sickness ...

I would like for someone to explain this to me

06 March 20149:42 am | Marie-Hélène Dubé | No Comments

I would like for someone to explain this to me

As the debate on the Unemployment insurance devastation continues – With good reason – The problematic with illness employment benefits remains unfortunately excluded from the dialogue.  Behind this thick mist, no progress has seen at the present time.

The social situation is deteriorating: there is an increase in the wait time of for pretty much everything: medical appointments, treatments, surgeries, access to medications, access to a physician to a specialist, etc.  Disorganization prevails at all levels. Not to mention inflation and the continual increase in the cost of living: food, gas, electricity, taxes, decrease in the number of drugs covered by the RAMQ, etc.  In short, all the basic needs are affected.  According to the Bank of Canada http://bit.ly/1hRbjmK - an amount of $100 in ...

And now ?

12 October 20139:36 am | Marie-Hélène Dubé | No Comments

The national employment insurance review commission has just finished it’s tour of public consultations.  They began last August 26 to finish on October 10 th. In all, 21 consultations will have offered in 19 cities in the province, which means the presentation of some 170 briefs and 60 testimonies. The final report should be presented to the Government no later than November 30.

This report is awaited with impatience, even if the negative effects of the reform are well established.

Lets remember that the issue of clearly insufficient and inadequate health benefits is also well known and changes are still expected in this sense.  The combined effects of the reform and these outdated sickness benefits can only be amplified.  These situations will continue to contribute to the already significant degradation of the social safety net available ...

When nothing goes anymore.....

24 February 201310:12 am | Marie-Hélène Dubé | No Comments


So much is going on in unemployment insurance in this moment that I do not know where to start anymore.
Each day and each week brings its batch of sometimes really astonishing innovations, please note the irony in this sentence. The initial announcement unemployment reform, as considered, is already a debatable and obscure decision… Add to that the announcement of the quotas of to be respected, of higher quotas for Quebec, the abolition of several types of recourses for the people receiving benefits.

Also let us add all the commotion happening right now on provincial side on the level of health, research and for the impact of the budget cuts on the future of the people touched by the disease. Always unacceptable delays and unbelievable lack of ...

Lets roll up our sleeves and prepare the post C-291 !

21 February 20126:53 pm | Marie-Hélène Dubé | No Comments

 It is with disappointment that I learned this Wednesday, ...


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Marie-Hélène is this Quebec woman, who has after experiencing her third thyroid cancer recurrence, decided to initiate a petition to change a 40 years old law (1971) (www.petitionassuranceemploi.com). Indeed, according to existing by laws article 12(3) on Employment Insurance (EI), any person confronted with a catastrophic disease can only received 15 weeks of coverage.

Zosia Ettenberg from Vancouver is joining her voice to the Employment Insurance Petition after having initiated a similar petition herself. A certain Carlo Pellizzari http://news.ca.msn.com/top-stories/cancer-patients-lose-ei-during-treatment-1 from Vancouver is facing blood cancer called anaplastic large cell lymphoma, experiencing a similar financial challenge as Marie-Helene Dube. At 26 years, He is forcing to move back with his parents… 15 weeks; it is not enough any more in 2011. Please sign the petition for a better future, our future. Help these people to bridge over this period of their life in order to concentrate on their health, to keep their dignity and to become an active citizen again.