A national petition to have modify the provisions of article 12 (3c) of the Act Employment Insurance, unchanged since 1971, which provides a maximum of fifteen [15] weeks of benefits payable in case of illness, in order to be adapted to today’s reality.

In Canada, it does touch all of us, directly or a close one, not matter province, religion, color and politic allegiances.

Contribute to a better future, our future…
Please, sign the petition.
Thank you!             

Marie-Hélène Dubé

Finally hope!

14 September 20169:31 am | Marie-Hélène Dubé | No Comments

Good day to all!

I hope you spent a nice summer, had a great vacation and that you are in shape for the new school year! For those of you  who have followed the news, I gave several interviews recently at Radio-Canada to talk about the petition. The topic feeds several debates and there is a lot of support.

I am currently working to raise awareness and boost new politicians, associations, organizations and more. We need to coordinate the actions, thit is why I ask once more your participation once again. I know, many of you have already done a lot, but perseverance is the only path that can lead us to the change in this increasingly archaic law every day.

You’ve already signed? Doesn’t matter, you can circulate the petition among your network again and remind people that it’s not over. You ...

New government... ?

05 February 20169:54 am | Marie-Hélène Dubé | No Comments

Good day to all !


Here we are:  new government is in and has taken.  Like many of you, I look forward to seeing how this one will address this most important of causes.  I’ve left the elected some time to get settled in, but now time to start up the debate again and more importantly to finish it!

 We start 2016 by dragging this ball and chain from 1971: an unchanged and inadequate sickness benefits law, now more than ever in the current context. It’s revolting to see that ill people still have to deal with these impossible financial difficulties.  We know that these constraints will be greatly reduced once the law is changed to reflect today’s reality.

Again, I remind you that the key to all this is to amass more and more signatures.....  It’s the only way to apply a mediatised and effective pressure to the elected.  ...

What haven’t we understood yet?

30 September 20159:52 am | Marie-Hélène Dubé | No Comments

Hello everyone!   In the context of the current election campaign, here's a quick video in french I shot with the kind assistance of the Cancer priority Coalition of Quebec.  

This video sums up very well the steps I’ve taken and aims to remind various party leaders once againon of the urgent need for action.

 Here is the link: https://youtu.be/iLV9mVJTeT4

Allso, a French interview given to Paul Houde on 98, 5FM: http://www.985fm.ca/in/paul-houde-971.html


Thanks to all to circulate this to your contacts, electoral candidates and influential people!  



Federal 2015, finally the good ones?

26 August 20159:51 am | Marie-Hélène Dubé | No Comments

Good day to all !

During this long electoral campaign, the time has now come to restart the debate on sickness benefits!

Following the Priority Cancer Coalition press release, I will start this week publically reviving the debate on the incoherence of Employment insurance sickness benefits.  Let’s hope that this injustice becomes an unavoidable stake in this electoral campaign, and that the law finally gets modified.


I remind you that this law dating from 1971 has never been amended and that everyone who has to stop working because of illness is faced again and again with the insufficient 15 weeks of benefits.  This situation remains unacceptable in Canada, in ...

I am 6 now. I am big.

26 March 20159:48 am | Marie-Hélène Dubé | No Comments

Good day to all! 

It is with great pleasure that I announce to you that the petition moves forward still.  With spring comes it’s lot of news and uncorrected injustices .  As we speak, many media, organisms and leaders are watching the situation closely.

Let us review the facts.  I initiated this petition in 2009 after being confronted three times to this outdated and unfair law.  Therefore, my petition celebrates its 6th anniversary this month!  A big girl approaching the age of reason.  Unfortunately, let us remember that this situation is anything but reasonable.

Remember that this archaic law will pay you only 15 weeks of employment insurance benefits in case of cancer or serious illness.  Remember that this law has never been amended since its introduction in 1971...  It should be noted that, to date, I have amassed ...

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Marie-Hélène is this Quebec woman, who has after experiencing her third thyroid cancer recurrence, decided to initiate a petition to change a 40 years old law (1971) (www.petitionassuranceemploi.com). Indeed, according to existing by laws article 12(3) on Employment Insurance (EI), any person confronted with a catastrophic disease can only received 15 weeks of coverage.

Zosia Ettenberg from Vancouver is joining her voice to the Employment Insurance Petition after having initiated a similar petition herself. A certain Carlo Pellizzari http://news.ca.msn.com/top-stories/cancer-patients-lose-ei-during-treatment-1 from Vancouver is facing blood cancer called anaplastic large cell lymphoma, experiencing a similar financial challenge as Marie-Helene Dube. At 26 years, He is forcing to move back with his parents… 15 weeks; it is not enough any more in 2011. Please sign the petition for a better future, our future. Help these people to bridge over this period of their life in order to concentrate on their health, to keep their dignity and to become an active citizen again.